Danisa Butter Cookies, Famous Cookies from Denmark

Denmark is a country famous for its Butter Cookies. When you relax while drinking coffee will be more delicious when accompanied by Danisa Butter Cookies which is a traditional Danish butter cake. These butter cookies have a soft, crunchy and crunchy texture. Usually served to nobles in Europe a few centuries ago.

Danisa Butter Cookies starts from a typical recipe for generations that has passed through the cold hands of the Master Bakers, making Danisa Butter Cookies one of the most favorite butter cookies today. It feels so tasty. soft and delicious with the highest quality ingredients.

Danisa Butter Cookies, Camilan Terkenal ala Denmark

Danisa Butter Cookies come in several forms of cakes with 3 different variants. The first is Traditional Butter Cookies. ‘Plain’ style butter cookies are mixed using only butter and milk. The next variant is Choco Cashew Cookies, butter cake with chocolate and delicious cashews with coffee. This delicate and crispy cookie is a company favorite for peanut lovers. The third is Currants. This fruit is a popular addition to biscuits throughout the world, but Danisa Butter Cookies provide an unparalleled taste by only using fresh raisins that produce a sweet taste that is offset delicately with tarts.

There are also Filled Butter Cookies, which are divided into two variants: Choco-Filled Butteries and Pineapple-Filled Butter Cookies. Choc-filled cookies are made with milk, butter, and natural ingredients that have been mixed with rich chocolate filling to produce a rich and soft dish. Last, but not least, the Filled Pineapple Cake is ideal for those who like the surprise of a sweet fruit hidden in their butter cake.

These cookies are truly delicious, made with high standards and unmatched expertise, each cookie can is an absolute delicacy. Ideal for treats, and share with family, each can of Danisa Butter Cookies is your favorite. Guaranteed!

Danisa Butter Cookies are made with authentic Danish recipes, which can be the perfect gift for every occasion and also accompany a pleasant time with the people closest to you. Made using the best quality ingredients for high-quality assistance, Danisa Butter Cookies offers fancy variants of traditional butter cookies, choco cashew butter cakes, and raisin butter cakes. Delighting consumers around the world with the aroma of butter, golden color, and taste that melts in the mouth, Danisa is a prestigious butter cake that is perfect for a gift.

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